Albert Langen founded his publishing house in Paris in 1893, moving later to Leipzig, then to Munich. When in 1896 the first issue of the satirical weekly „Simplicissimus“ was published at Albert Langen, an unusual group of young and already famous writers had gathered in Munich - they would later be known as the founders  of the so called German Literary Modernism. Soon authors like Thomas Mann, Jakob Wassermann, Ludwig Thoma, Hermann Hesse und Frank Wedekind were counted among the authors-in-residence.

Today LangenMüller, also being the publisher of world-wide known satirist Ephraim Kishon, is once more following this literary tradition with its multiple links to satire and cabaret. The publishing program is centered around carefully chosen literary titles and amazing memoirs.


Herbig was founded in 1821 by Friedrich August Herbig to publish the work of contemporary authors, including Kleist, de la Motte-Fouqué, Schlegel, Schiller and Walter Scott. He showed strong interest in the sciences and published also several periodicals. In 1934 the Herbig family sold the publishing company to Walter Kahnert. After his death Herbert Fleissner took the leadership on Herbig and he moved it toMunich in 1967 to join the Langen Müller group.

Today the Herbig publishing program only includes non-fiction books. Whether current issues of society and politics, (time-) historical events or scientific discoveries - our titles take a fresh look at important issues of life. Our authors deal critically, well-founded and descriptively with controversial content and thereby encounter unexpected ways of understanding. Leading doctors inform  in competent and understandable ways about widespread symptoms in our series of health self-help-books. Our medicine chest offers expert help with the gentle medicine of nature.
Main topics: Society - Politics - Economics - (contemporary) history - knowledge - phenomena - Health.


nymphenburger is known for its strong self-help and non-fiction publishing program. The focus lies in the areas of conscious living, alternative healing methods, health, self-help, philosophy and biographical experience.
Well-known spiritual teachers share their experience in the field of conscious living. In the series "nymphenburger kompetent", which is addressing health issues, holistic healing methods are foregrounded. The bestseller series "nymphenburger kompakt" offers quick and practical help with any kind ofmedical conditions. Issues of life are discussed in an entertaining way in the area of philosophy. The biographical experience reports show exceptional people whose fortunes touch deeply and serve as examples for others. The area of sport books contains classical standard works.

The publishing company was founded in 1946 by Curt Vinz and his associates Berthold Spangenberg and Gerhard Weiss. The publisher was known by the avant-garde newspaper "The call", published by Alfred Andersch and Hans Werner Richter (Group 47). In 1960 Vinz sold his share in the company to Spangenberg, in 1974 nymphenburger demised to Herbig. In 1992 Brigitte Fleissner-Mikorey became publisher of the publishing group. Since 2007 nymphenburger is a pure non-fiction and guide publisher.

terra magica

terra magica means "magical, enchanting world" - this slogan is represented by the high-quality photo book program from terra magica, in which great photographers and writers showcase the most interesting and fascinating parts of our world. The pictures in the series "Panorama - Countries Regions Cities" are exclusively photographed. The premium quality of the images and the informative and well-founded articles are convincing. Under the heading “Fascination - Diversity of the earth" the unusual becomes usual, particularly topics relating to nature, culture and travel are in the center and the rich diversity of our world is documented in striking images and texts. The adventure series of terra magica tells richly illustrated about expeditions, explorers, daredevils and mysteries of mankind. The original gift-books in a smaller format complete the program.
terra magica pioneered in the field of travel photo books. The publishing house was founded in 1946 by Hanns Reich in Munich. Since 1948, the series terra magica has formed the center of the publishing program. Today it represents the oldest existing picture book program about countries and people in Germany. In 1974 the transfer to Switzerland took place, where the company was restructured and established as a corporation. Since 2007 Brigitte Fleissner Mikorey leads the publishing house from Munich.
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